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These are pictures of what turned out to be a 2 1/2 year "quick" rebuild. 


I have had the truck going on 7 years now. what started out being a fresh coat of paint has turned into a frame off restoration. The rear-end was narrowed 10" to allow for the 31-16.50x15 weld wheels.
A new 350, 4-bolt main, Target Master crate motor was installed with a few shiny trim items along with the Jet Coat headers.  A complete interior overhaul was performed. A new oak bed was installed. Now its almost done . I still need to install the air conditioning, but its close to being done.
History Facts
Chrome grills were not available on Chevrolet trucks between 1960-66. The deluxe trucks used a high shine anodized aluminum. Due to the rarity of this grill, restorers today usually chrome the standard white grill.
Chevrolet continued to be America's favorite pickups throughout the years 1960 to 1966. Chevrolet sold 588,320 trucks in 1966, which was its biggest year ever. - CTS
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