A First Hand Account
by Tracy Doane 
My uncle purchased this truck new in 1956. Four months later when I was born, I was brought home from the hospital in this truck. Over the next 35 years this was my uncles machine shop service truck and daily driver. He was 35 years old when he purchased the truck, and when I turned 35 he gave the truck to me.
By then, It was thoroughly worn out. But she still ran and drove perfect.  All I could do when I brought it home was paint it inside and out, reupholster the seat, and then let it sit for nine years. 
In the year 2000, I proceeded to do a bumper to bumper running gear restoration. All hydraulics (brakes) including the hydrovac have been stainless steel sleeved and rebuilt.
Wanting something that could go cross country, I choose the small block Chevrolet, 4 speed automatic. The rear-end needed complete overhaul. And the 488 gears were tossed for 373 gears (posi coming soon, custom made axles are 200$ each).


I have a Lokar shifter, cables and brackets. Lokar shift indicator and eliminator gas pedal and cables. Cruise control, stereo with power booster and woofers, Sanderson headers (coated), urethane motor mounts, electric fan and thermostat, custom made radiator, and 2 1/2 inch aluminized exhaust with high flow mufflers. 
I am going through the standard money problems and don't know when I can finish.  I refuse to cut corners, otherwise the truck would've been done 2 years ago. I will have updated pictures coming in the future sometime. - CTS 
Tracy Doane and Thea Stevens