With a little help from one of Clay’s work contacts, he replaced the stock, point type ignition system with a Pro-Billet electronic distributor. A MSD 6A spark box passed the juice down through a set of MSD 8.5 MM wire for a remarkable improvement in engine performance.
Inside, Clay wanted to upgrade the interior to a more modern look without losing to much of the old style that he liked, so an OEM looking loop carpet set with matching floor mats was installed.


A Grant leather steering wheel, chrome pull knobs, Lokar pedals & shifter, and billet aluminum door knobs were added. This gave the inside a newer rod look that was in keeping with the rest of the trucks look.
Clay’s desire was to keep the original dash and not cut it up (by the way the original AM radio still works) so he installed an under-seat AM/FM/CD player for a much more enjoyable listening experience. 
Recently, Clay added a new set of Radial tires and Chrome Corvette style Rally wheels and has plans to add new polished stainless bed rails and a few other touches this summer. In the future, Clay is planning on installing a new IFS suspension for better handling and stopping. Not that the truck really needs it, he says the truck is “…pretty good as it is now”.
Clay has help from his son who calls the old truck “BETSY BLUE”. Clay says, “Maybe some day he'll take an interest in old trucks like me and can take her to a new level”. -  CTS