My father bought this truck in October of 1966 for $1795.63 as a second "car" and a tow vehicle for our travel trailer. This was a bare bones truck: no cigarette lighter or carpet, but its all truck. The AM radio still works! 
The truck is all original except for the mirrors, the wheels and the step bumper. This truck came from the factory with painted Jr. West coast mirrors but I could not find replacements. I decided to go with the Stainless Steel ones you see here. The wheels, well, nobody wants to muck around with split-rims anymore, so I went with junk yard aluminum wheels off a '78 Jeep Wagoner. Since all 6 bolt patterns are the same, they fit well and are stout enough to handle anything I might want to they look good!
The truck originally had a painted bumper on the back and when we bought it, Dad asked the dealer to install a step bumper. I took the old bumper off and had a new one made to look almost the same. I plan on installing auxiliary lights in the bumper with a dash mounted toggle switch so I can see what I doing at night. 
It came with a heavy duty clutch, rear heavy-duty springs, jr. west coast mirrors and split-rims and 8-ply tires. The engine is a V-6 305E with 3 on the tree and a 3.54 rear end behind it. I love the big block V-6. It has never let me down and although I don't go anywhere fast; I can haul/pull anything I want to, and then some! The 305-E has 165 hp @ 3800 rpm and 280 ft lbs of torque @ 1600 rpm; fairly decent for a mid 60s truck engine. She only has 130,000 miles so I didn't do a rebuild; didn't need too! Just cleaned her up real good and painted Chevy orange. The original color is really a darker orange, closer to red, and when I rebuild, that's what I'll use. 
When my father sold me this truck, he told me I would have to fix all the stuff I did to it when I was a teenager; what with dents and scratches, it had my name written all over it!  I'm almost finished. - CTS