Great Cruising Machine

37riceJeff's '37 Studebaker was originally built in South Bend Indiana in 1937 and delivered to Maine.  There, it spent it's working life hauling and then was subsequently parked in a wooded area.
Time took it's toll as the frame rails and lower body panels rusted through. The occasional Hunter used the old truck as a target, luckily most of the wounds were just superficial. 
Jeff dragged out the classic "Stude" and cleaned her up. A worthwhile effort as you can see.  All of the brackets and machined pieces are home built. The bed cover is held up with gas struts. The truck is now in it's shakedown phase and some good time cruising miles are being put on it.
The truck attends shows and cruises in the southeast.  It's a great cruising machine for two.  Jeff plans on fiddling with the little details until it is just true hot rodder tradition.  It's great to see that hobbyist like Jeff are still tackling the tough projects.
Here are the details of Jeff's '37 Stude: