One of the original doors was replaced at a cost of $300 the same amount John paid for the entire truck in 1938. The original door had been removed back in the 30's. In hot weather, doors came off offering the driver and passenger's nature's air conditioning. Being used for hay hauling at the time, the driver got stuck and pulled the door out of the back to use as traction. Of course, the spinning wheels trashed the door.
Dean realized that it was important to protect the time and money he spent on his nearly life-long companion, so with the restoration complete in 1993 he decided to insure his truck with American Collectors Insurance. American Collectors specializes in collector vehicle insurance and agreed to insure the truck for $10,000 -a value that reflected the truck's true collector market value.
Dean's American Collectors policy cost less than $100 and the "Agreed Value" coverage it provided guaranteed that Dean would be paid $10,000 in the event of total loss. (American Collectors continues to provide collector vehicle insurance nationwide and offers online quotes at Dean insured the truck with American Collectors until 2002, when he decided to pass the truck, and the wealth of history that went along with it, to his daughter, Carol George. Carol continues to insure the truck with American Collectors.
As a child Carol has many memories of the truck. Often, the only way she could spend extra time with her dad was to go along with him to work on her grandparent’s farm. She would mow the lawn and sometimes drive the tractor. She recalls many rides in the truck. The gas tank was under the seat so passengers would have to get out of the truck on trips to the gas station. Jumping down from that high seat was quite a leap to a young girl. She also remembers that in the hot, summer months when hauling hay, her dad would take the doors off to improve circulation. The entire family would take turns riding in the choicefront seat rather than in the back with the hay.
This old truck may not be up to the restoration standards of the sleek, modified vehicles of today’s car show circuit and it will win no awards at Pebble Beach but it has a very special place in the hearts of the entire Rodger's family. 
Dean, now 86 years young, still works on his truck when he can and his treasure has been in several parade's including the bicentennial parade in Grove City. In 1999 it was used to carry Dean, then 83, and his new bride, Jean, 77, to the Extra Years for Zest dinner where all three were a huge hit. You can be sure that wherever Dean and his truck go, heads turn, camera's snap and stories are told and retold.
Carol's plans? She doesn't plan on driving the truck herself as she never learned to double clutch and according to her, it's too late now. She will continue to offer it for local parades and rides to those who want one. And of course, tell this old truck's stories to future generations. - CTS