To start our project, we measured and cut a piece of welting. We added about 6" onto our measurement for positioning of the welting later on. With our piece cut to length, we then notched the welting to match our fender radius. This was done by cutting triangle piece from the welting to the bead.

This photo shows the radius notching and the cool tool used to do the job. If for some reason you haven't seen this tool yet, Sears is the place to get one. Once, the notches had been cut, we test fit our work on the fender radius to see if more notching was needed. The spacing used here will work for just about any radius. Straight sections only need trimming at the bolt holes. They can be trimmed out now or after the welting has been attached to the fender.

These 2 photos show the welting applied to the fender. The first is right after the welting was applied.  The second photo show the same area after clean up. You really do not want any adhesive on the body side of the welting. This would make positioning of the fender difficult. This photo below, shows the finished results. - CTS